"On September 18th, 2015, the wind blew so hard that it took me away from the open sea. Those who will look for me will recognize my sails and know that I will always be around."

René Lemay (1934-2015), a self-taught contemporary realist painter, expresses joy and the here and now through various media. For over 25 years, his creative journey has guided him between Asia and the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, where his workshop is open to public during summer : 1610 Chemin de l'Étang des caps.

His art has been featured in many national and international exhibitions.

This website has the goal to showcase the most exhaustive catalog of all the artworks he left behind. 

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Quand la peinture devient fête - Paul Gladu

Je vois peu d’artistes, surtout chez nous, qui donnent ce plaisir. Il y a Pellan, et quelques membres automatistes: les futuristes italiens et (Lemay est d’accord) Miro chez les Catalans. Bref, Lemay s’est ménagé une niche à part et ce, pour notre plus grande jouissance. 

Jazz cafe in Ubud Bali

It is 7:00 pm, the rain just started to fall. I have an appointment at the Jazz café about 3 km from my place on my motorbike with my raincoat and my sketchbook. En route to the café. There are not too many patrons when I arrive. 


I went to see a dance called Gong. It was held in a courtyard of the ancient Ancak Sali built in the 16th century and located in Ubud. First of all the ambiance in this palace: there is a large central door hand sculpted. The dancers are not very tall. What is the most amazing t is to look at all of these flamboyant colors inlaid with gold thread, to witness the magic of the hand and eyes movements done with such harmony.