Exposition solo : Les Îles, au cœur de l’œuvre de René Lemay | 2018 | Musée de la Mer | Îles-de-la-Madeleine

Texte d'une exposition

"On September 18, 2015, the wind blew so hard it carried me out to sea. To those who recognize my sail, I will always be there…"

At 80 years of age, René Lemay embarked on his final voyage. During his lifetime, this internationally known painter and great traveller was able to stop time. Having led a life full of colour and movement, he leaves in his wake images to be savoured and cherished.    

The first stop for this exhibition is his adopted home.

The works presented here celebrate life in the archipelago: sailboats, people going about their daily lives, right down to the simplest flower caressed by the wind, each giving the impression of belonging to a moment more vast and unexplored.    

His sail is raised. It’s your turn now to contemplate.

René Lemay Jr. & Yann Beauregard-Lemay
Exhibition from june 18th to october 14th