Magdalen's Silkscreen | For sale 150$ | 2016

Texte d'une exposition

René Lemay began his artistic career with silkscreen printing. In the 1980s, he established a fine art publishing house, Maylude, which allowed him to print several hundred copies of his watercolours. These works are more figurative than the acrylics presented in this exhibition.

Familiar with this process, in 2017 his family decided to use this same technique to breath new life into several drawings discovered by chance in one of his many sketchbooks. These drawings of the Islands were done in 1996-1997.

Lemay’s travel sketchbooks were central to his process, and were initially used as a sort of template that was both minimalist and detailed. With just a few lines, the essential is suggested. Rich, vibrant colours were then added in the studio, using the palette knife to create the finished works.

See the six new silkcreen.