La Nomade Bleue | 2018 | Musée de la Mer | Îles-de-la-Madeleine

Texte d'une exposition

"Nomade bleue sails the ocean. From June to October, she can be found off the Magdalen Islands, where at first she observes the sailboats, and then advancing a little nearer to the coast, watches the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Café de la Grave.
She listens, enchanted, to the talented singers and musicians, and then, taking a closer look, is impressed by the work of the islands’ visual artists. In October, she heads out to sea once more, bound for lands of mysterious hues and scents…" – Ann Riley 

Nomade bleue was created by the artist for the 20th anniversary exhibition of the Café de la Grave, the cultural heart of the Islands. Over time, this former general store has become an institution, a place where sailors, artists, visitors and locals gather. 

Each section of this monumental work represents the artist’s travels between Asia and the Magdalen Islands. At the end of the 1990s, Lemay settled in Asia, where he mounted a number of exhibitions in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. In these distant lands, he also learned the ancient technique of lacquer as well as bronze casting. Asia and the Islands were both central to the artist’s pictorial process and Nomade bleue links these two artistic worlds.