Anecdote sur Jazz café à Ubud Bali | 13.11.1998 | Indonésie

It is 7:00 pm, the rain just started to fall. I have an appointment at the Jazz café about 3 km from my place on my motorbike with my raincoat and my sketchbook. En route to the café. There are not too many patrons when I arrive. 

The humidity is omnipresent, the greenery and flowers are lost in the dark. The room is magnificent, filled with bamboos and with the feeling of a nomadic décor. While having a beer, I see more and more music fans arriving, starting to dance on the jazz groove. Linda is having fun, the evening is going smoothly, I listen to this intoxicating music while sketching spontaneously in this semi darkness, amazed by the musicians’ movements with their instrument: saxophone, double Bass, drums, trumpet. The room is basking in a well-being and the artist needs not to think, but simply create spontaneously: a line, a movement. The evening ends on noises coming from near the café. I hear cries, I feel bamboos shaking, people are banging on the roof, on the walls. It’s already 2:30 am and it’s time to go. I gulp down the last of my drink; time to go. The Balinese have had enough they want to sleep. Thus the celebration ends, I go back to my hotel with my sketches and with them, new painting project. It was the end of Ubud Café, for a while at least.