Dancing | December 5th 1998 | Bali

Carnet de voyage de l'artiste peintre

I went to see a dance called Gong. It was held in a courtyard of the ancient Ancak Sali built in the 16th century and located in Ubud. First of all the ambiance in this palace: there is a large central door hand sculpted. The dancers are not very tall. What is the most amazing t is to look at all of these flamboyant colors inlaid with gold thread, to witness the magic of the hand and eyes movements done with such harmony.

The dance is accompanied by a music played in the gamelan gong of Bali, an ancestral instruments that looks like brightly coloured drums. Sitting there for a while, holding as always my sketchbook, my universe, hundreds of them that are my memory, I am happy. How surprised am I to observe four Japanese artists holding their own sketchbooks. Moved by curiosity, they come to look at my drawings, they show much appreciation, exchange, and we converse, we immerse ourselves in Asia.